6/24/2018 Wanted a program disk for HPC CodeMax...mastering...cferraro44@comcast.net
6/24/2018 Wanted...program disk for thr HPC Codemax.application for codes
6/23/2018 Allhamptonslocksmith@gmail.com. 6312762456 text rw4 with snoop new never used
6/23/2018 For Sale. New condition SKP900 for sale. with original box and all the components. Text only. 480-547-2076. the machine does push to start key and remote head and flip keys for many new vehicles and brands like, Nissan, Honda, GM and More..
6/22/2018 anybody have a ck200 for a good price call or text mike anytime day or night 404 409 8845 thanks
6/21/2018 3D Elite key machine. Purchased new in March 2018. Comes with 80k series Toyota/Lexus cutting bit and shim. Fantastic working order and under warranty. Motivated to sell. $6,000 obo. Can deliver. (828) 708-3930. Please leave message.
6/20/2018 2 .003 metal lab pin kits. completely filled. Will separate. Pics available upon request $100 each obo 313-535-2200 Randy or Garrett
6/20/2018 Framon Depth and space book $50 shipped hkssystems@hotmail.com
6/20/2018 Ilco/orion KD50 key machine $500 shipped hkssystems@hotmail.com
6/19/2018 Looking to sell a MINT keymark key punch. It's only been used a few times. Email with an offer. You pay shipping. (I'm in Canada)
6/17/2018 Looking for a schlage pak-a-punch and kwikset pak-a-punch. va7ksl@gmail.com
6/17/2018 Like new Advanced Diagnostics MVP Pro, with 6 free tokens left, all the cable,original bag, user manual, all dongles, smart card and all cables. Less than 5 months of use. US$2000 with free shipping to USA and Canada. sduvalserrurier@gmail.com
6/17/2018 im looking for a vvdi mb tool for a good price call mike 404 409 8845 or 470 685 0101 anytime..day or night
6/16/2018 A-1 MEAN GREEN MACHINE SFIC A2 key combinator in like condition. Works perfectly. $975.00, Plus shipping. lockingood@centurylink.net
6/16/2018 If you are owner of one of those inexpensive key duplicating machines manufactured in China. Send model. Condition of machine. Type of keys it will duplicate. Text corresponding information to. Text 918-520-9229. Email hssr62@gmail.com
6/12/2018 Ad mvp pro got sale with 55 tokens 2500$ 214-256-0730
6/12/2018 12 Schlage A53PD ORB in Satin Bronze $25 Each Plus Shipping. Email Amitylock@snet.net or call 203-397-3093
6/11/2018 25 Assorted Schlage Everest C145 keyway Mortise and Rim Cylinders 95% New in boxes 626 Finish. Lot $325 including shipping Will slit order. 203-397-3093 Amitylock@snet.net
6/11/2018 25 Assorted Schlage Everest C145 keyway Mortise and Rim Cylinders 95% New in boxes 626 Finish. Lot $325 including shipping Will slit order.
6/9/2018 HPC1200 Blitz $950.00 Comes with 4 cutting wheels. cw1011,cw14mc,cw47mc,cw90mc. Has 150 cards and a calibration kit. Great condition except the safety switch is broken. Doesn't affect anything.Works great.barrettslocksmith@hotmail.com
6/9/2018 HPC1200 Blitz $950.00 Comes with 4 cutting wheels. cw1011,cw14mc,cw47mc,cw90mc. Has 150 cards and a calibration kit. Great condition except the safety switch is broken. Doesn't affect anything.Works great.barrettslocksmith@hotmail.com
6/9/2018 Hpc 1200 blitz $950.00 Comes with 4 cutting wheels. cw1011,cw14mc,cw47mc,cw90mc. Has 150 cards and will come with calibration kit. Great condition except the safety switch is broken. Doesn't affect anything. Cuts keys perfect
6/9/2018 Comes with 4 cutting wheels. cw1011,cw14mc,cw47mc,cw90mc. Has 150 cards and will come with calibration kit. Great condition except the safety switch is broken. Doesn't affect anything. Cuts keys perfect
6/7/2018 AD Tcode w/Smart Dongle. 41 Software pieces. 7500.00 Important: This unit is ideal for someone who wants a trade-in machine for the Smart Pro. It works perfect but has been repaired. Call for details.
6/6/2018 Framon FRA2D code machine. sold van, not using it. has schlege cams and all books, put new batteries in. depth digital indicator not coming on. $1000 OBO. $50 shipping or come and get it and save $50. Larry 360-620-7652 coastie@wavecable.com
6/6/2018 Looking to sell two 3D pro in good condition text me to get the photo- $2500 per pcs. call me or text me your cell thanks mike 917-502-7281
6/6/2018 ITL 950c Brand New $2400. ITL SAFE DIALER brand new $1750. MVP PRO 30 tokens. Brand New $2400.00. 347 308 0182. Metrosafenyc@hotmail.com
6/5/2018 im looking for a good used zed full im willing to pay 1,800..max for it and I need advance diagnostic adc 219 vw program cable also adc smart aerial you can reach me at 404-409-8845 im mike call any hour im up working
6/4/2018 I have (2) Used ND50PD RHO 626 leversets, and (1) ND82PD RHO 626. They are used, but very good quality. Asking $50.00 p/pc. Will ship free and you don't have to purchase all of them. I have pictures I can send to you norrisconnect@gmail.com
6/2/2018 Im looking for Best Lock Key combinators, A1 Mean Green Machines, Pak Punches, Blue Punch machines, Herty Gerty cutters, Framons, key-boxes and Rytan RY200 machines. Let me kno what you have comolockshop@gmail.com
6/2/2018 hello do any one have a zed full for sale please contact mike 404-409-8845 asap
5/31/2018 I have a used SEC-E9 key machine with new tablet and circuit board and Tubluar attachment for sale for 2000 OBO. I have an HPC Punch machine for 1000 OBO. I also have a few chinese programmers. Call 678-499-0980. SEC - E9 has extra tablet.
5/30/2018 Looking for KeyWay-King Key-Blank Milling Machine.Please call or text 1-416-828-8687, cheers
5/29/2018 Best AD433-2 punch in excellent condition. $1600 Best CD517 IC press, used but good shape. $800 aaron@accuratemobilelocksmith.com 775-883-8444
5/29/2018 Best AD433-2 punch in excellent condition. https://absupply.net/best-access-ad433-2-key-combinator.aspx Best CD517 IC press $1300 https://americankeysupply.com/product/best-core-capping-decapping-press-heavy-duty-cd517 $800
5/29/2018 Refurbished 3D Pro XL Key-machine Cuts high security and standard security. 2,500.00 automotive, commericial and residential automated key machine hunter@laserkeyproducts.com
5/28/2018 2 HPC 1200machines W/original,foreign auto & motorcycle cards includes 14MC,47MC,90MC,1011,1012 cutters.Both have "speed stick" deapth option.1 Rytan RY100,1 Ry 100 "Sabre Tooth" carbide option Call/text 847/370-0262 $900 each w/shipping
5/27/2018 Looking for a genuine ESP 339C High Security Key Machine. (No imports please). If you have one with everything included and good as new let me know what youd like for it. They are $400 new. Looking for a bargain bobhdus@gmail.com
5/27/2018 ILCO KD50C Key Duplicator, in excellent condition. Brand new, high quality cutting wheel (not the China crap). New, these sell for $2,500. $695.00 + shipping. It weighs around 80 Lbs. from Shreveport, LA. 256-541-3865 (no texting)
5/26/2018 I'm looking for a collection of DVD's locksmith training courses. I am also looking to purchase any version of the Autosmart Foreign and Domestic books. 830.352.2834 or M1tch311may@gmail.com
5/26/2018 ILCO 009 Tubular Key Duplicator, excellent condition, used very little, cut less than 20 keys since purchased new. Pittsburgh PA area. Email me for pix & price at brad.bartley88@gmail.com
5/25/2018 (google map) condition: excellent Cal-Royal SL30-26D Commercial Duty Passage Lever, Satin Chrome by Cal-Royal ADA Product description Fits 1-3/4 Thick Doors;Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Lockset;2-3/4 Backset Latch $49.99 Call 661-816-2337
5/25/2018 (google map) condition: excellent Cal-Royal SL30-26D Commercial Duty Passage Lever, Satin Chrome by Cal-Royal ADA Product description Fits 1-3/4 Thick Doors;Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Lockset;2-3/4 Backset Latch $49.99 Call 661-816-2337
5/23/2018 Kaba Ilco Electronic Push Button Locks--1550ICCRAX 626 finish--These are brand new in original boxes. Have 3 of them. $250 each!! Great price! Levers are to accept small format IC cores. Will ship FREE!! Email me for pics. Bonge44@aim.com
5/23/2018 BRAND NEW-Kaba Simplex push button locks. 5031B-WL-04L-41 satin brass finish. $200 each! Retail for $350-$400. FREE shipping! Email me for pics. Bonge44@aim.com
5/23/2018 Looking for a ITL safe dialer and other equipment. Just starting in the business. Email me at barneradam@gmail.com thanks again
5/21/2018 ITL safe dialer very good condition.
5/20/2018 Curtis Clippers A #14 with no wheel, 1 #15 with wide head+adapter for sm cams. Cams,Carriages AM1,CAP1+2,,KK3X,0CB1,SQ1A,XRL1,15N2,15N5,15W1,DC3A,DC3B,K1A,+Ford2 Carriage.$195.00. Trade Key Machine richart_brown@yahoo.com Phone 207 547 3675
5/18/2018 HPC 1200 Blitz, excellent condition w/ cards, Medeco & Assa cutters, all original cutters, tools, manuals, box that came when new. Used very little, very well cared for. Email me if interested @ brad.bartley88@gmail.com. Pittsburgh PA area.
5/17/2018 I'm looking for a collection of DVD's locksmith training courses. I am also looking to purchase any version of the Autosmart Foreign and Domestic books. If you have any other locksmith publications please contact me for purchasing. Thanks! m1tch
5/16/2018 everything needed to start keybusiness-hpc1200-itl950(like new)-3dproxtreme(like new)-minigroove(like new)-ilco044-skp900-rw4&plusbox-200lb+ key blank inventory including car chip keys,painted keys-Must buy all,make offer ajprieto62@gmail.com
5/14/2018 Medeco Cylinders- Rim, Lever, Mortise. Various finishes and lengths. Commom Medeco keyways. Inquire for price and quantities. Will Ship FREE!! Bonge44@aim.com
5/14/2018 Schlage lever cylinders(ND Locks)! Have about 80pcs. Original Schlage with two key blanks each(stamped DND). $5.50 each and will ship for FREE!! Will send pics if needed.Bonge44@aim.com
5/13/2018 New condition blitz 1200 cut machine come with all original card and 2 cutter indylocknkey@gmail.com
5/11/2018 I am looking for a t code for MVP High security as well shatjrguzman@gmail.com
5/10/2018 We are looking for John Blankenship books- Guide To Motorcycles Volumes 1-7 . If you have and leads on where to find them we would greatly appreciate it. thank you. milehighlocksmith@gmail.com
5/8/2018 Key machines and equipment for sale. If interested, must come by Thursday afternoon, May 10th. They will not be available after this time. Contact me at 713.304.2930.
5/7/2018 BEWARE of probable scam buyer Jack Williams twilliamsuppliersltd@gmail.com who pretends to be interested in what you're selling and then wants to send his "shipper" by. I told him sure, why not Cash or PayPal only and poof he was gone.
5/6/2018 equipment for sale full pinning set,oto scope, lots of keys and more text for more info and i will send you pics david100white@gmail.com
5/4/2018 Original miracle A5 automotive key machine. Can originate, decode and duplicate auto keys. High security (laser) and standard double sided keys. All accessories and manual.$2000 plus shipping. biringers1859@gmail.com 913-651-5625
5/2/2018 3D Xtreme S:for info and sales, call Hunter Salazar 832-814-9333. I will personally ensure that the product, support, and service you receive is quality. I have built over 1,000 of these machines in my 6 years in the industry.
5/1/2018 Looking for Keyway Milling Machine Please Email, ramin_samani@hotmail.com or Text 416-828-8687 Cheers
5/1/2018 For Sale RW4 Cloner with Plus Box and Snoop. Make me an offer browardlockexpert@yahoo.com or text message to 954-253-7588
4/30/2018 For Sale Ilco 057 HS High Security Manual Key Duplicator. Great Condition. Jaw replaced 6 months ago. Comes with replacement cutter, original paperwork, and lexus/ kia adapters. Please call 954-253-7588 or email browardlockexpert@yahoo.com
4/30/2018 Skp900 key programmer good condition,A1 cams and machines,king cloner $975.00 eymlocks@gmail.com
4/30/2018 Falcon T101 Passage/Closet locksets used but in great condition. Finish is US26D. $85 a piece multiple sets. Discount on multiple purchased.Call and leave message at 614-203-8775 or email at tier1lock@gmail.com
4/29/2018 Big Groove 8100 $850 Jma 5000 Cloner 305-360-5806 Roderick NEW two keys made with both machines warranty for both items.
4/29/2018 HPC Pocket size decoder. HKD-75 includes case and cards. $100 firm. Americaslockoutservice@hotmail.com
4/29/2018 Looking to buy an Abloy key decoder for Abloy Profile keys no.6133 right handed or Abloy Classics old brass case key decoder in nice working condition.contact me at: aferland@globetrotter.net
4/28/2018 looking for a Tango vvdi prog or orange10...mbgosien@gmail.com
4/28/2018 Hpc Big Groove $700.00...Jma 5000 Cloner $750 keyology007@gmail.com
4/27/2018 Looking to buy a Tango. gcae@sbcglobal.net
4/24/2018 Full HPC BLITZ SET-Cards-Cutters-Wrench-in good condition, works great ..3863076928 (same as previous ad) all you need to start cutting keys TODAY!!no longer in the business need to sell-1050$
4/24/2018 HPC BLITZ complete key cutting machine not brand new but works like it is-including..Extra cutting blades .All of the cards you will need.hpc wrench.calbration wrench.allignment tools-asking 1150-will entertain any offers.all there!3863076928
4/24/2018 WTB tubular key machine 110v bigdlockandkey@gmail.com
4/23/2018 Looking ez flasher eymlocks@gmail.com
4/20/2018 Hi I?m selling my IM100 key programmer. NO TOKENS AND FREE UPDATES call or or text sean 9788317523
4/19/2018 Pro secure (how-to-pick-a-lock)30$ Samuel.christensen19@gmail.com3852529713
4/18/2018 $900 Selling an HPC BLITZ machine in perfect working condition. Comes with three cutting wheels and The book with plenty of cards. I do not have the calibration tool for it. Contact me anytime (954) 548-6239
4/18/2018 I am selling a MVP PRO programmer with all the dongles including Smart dongle and 30 tokens for $2850 firm. 407-383-0727
4/18/2018 Looking for a clean xhorse mini condor or SEC-9. Contact me at 832-724-0315 or migdw311@gmail.com.
4/17/2018 Selling a like-new hpc punch with all punch and dies. All code cards are included. Used it only 4 times. $1150 and it's yours. Price includes shipping. Email kingcitylocknkey@gmail.com if interested.
4/16/2018 Justin-Time Lock and Key,co.-Email-phine4220@gmail.com- Cell 508-405-7020 I have some new and used commercial Hardware. For instance never out of the box Yale SFIC touchscreen keypad.Id be willing to sell at a discount.
4/16/2018 Justin-Time Lock and Key,co.-Email-phine4220@gmail.com- Cell 508-405-7020 I have some new and used commercial Hardware
4/16/2018 Looking for blue punch for best at a good price , contact me @ travelinglocksmith18@gmail.com
4/15/2018 do anybody have a tango for sale call mike 404-409-8845
4/15/2018 Looking for Peterson Pro 1 picks, herty gerty?s, Framons, Rytan RY200 machines, EEPROM equip, MiraClone, KeyBox, Sputnik, Peterson Picks, SMOK, Orange5. Comolockshop@gmail.com
4/12/2018 Ez flasher in good shap trying to sell for $1000 or a reasonable offer please email me at steven.locksmithservice@gmail.com
4/12/2018 Ez flasher in a very good condition I?m trying to sell for a $1000 or a reasonable offer
4/12/2018 Hey guys Im selling my auto-locksmith business. I have a miracle a9, diagspeed, abrites, tango, mvp pro and much more. PLease contact me at 917-254-8226 or email me at ahasch@gmail.com thanks.
4/11/2018 Hey guys I am looking for pak-a-punch vices and dies. If anyone would like to sell some my email is va7ksl@gmail.com. Thank you
4/11/2018 Looking for cas4 adaptor cable, for multitool bmw key programmer. Contact me at coastlock@aol.com
4/10/2018 Text 6312762456 for pic and video proof of working I have a rw4 without snoop ,older model hpc 1200 , Ilco 040 hd, folsey lg. Master keying kit , mul t lock pin kit , medeco pin kit , vats interograttor, car lockout tools all for 1400$
4/9/2018 Selling a like new smartbox auto programmer. Will program 2018 ford no nastf needed. Toyota h-chip all keys lost 16min bypass. Very powerful machine. Email kingcitylocknkey@gmail.com. $1100obo.
4/8/2018 ISO HPC blitz, Please call / text or email, located in Eastern WA state 509-703-6231 rivercitylockandkey@gmail.com
4/8/2018 Looking for a good hpc code punch at a reasonable price call 607-324-4136 or email me at jimmyslocks@verizon.net
4/8/2018 I am looking for a good hpc code punch
4/7/2018 Looking to buy a 3d pro s2 in new condition please email julioslocksmith@gmail.com or call 415-426-0408
4/7/2018 Miracle a7 with newest software 1k, 2 hornet high security duplicators $500 for both new, lishi picks $15, hpc mini duplicator and hpc regular duplicator both $1000 used julioslocksmith@gmail.com 415-426-0408
4/7/2018 I have a miracle a7 cutting machine can decode duplicate and originate keys by code. Updated to the latest software 1k paid $1500 only used tocut 2 bmw and Mercedes high security keys, I?m bsy doing master systems more than cars
4/7/2018 I have a ezflasher in great shap with a hard case and everything that comes with it for 1k + free shipping. steven.locksmithservice@gmail.com
4/7/2018 I?m looking to buy a newer condition 3dpro s2 cutting originator/duplicator machine, if you have one with a pad or laptop in good working condition please contact me, I also have a couple of residential cutting key machines for sale
4/4/2018 Never used / Never registered MVP Pro unit (maple leaf version). Loaded with 25 tokens. Full kit with dongles calculator and cards. Must be used in Canada. Selling for 1800CAD + Shipping if need be. Email locknrollcanada@gmail.com
4/3/2018 BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED " SMART PRO " I EXCHANGE MY TCODE that had 38 software's paid for (list in email). I suppose to receive the new SMART PRO in may 2018 with 6 months free token use to all software. ofbr33@gmail.com 7,800$
4/2/2018 PRO-LOC punch SFIC stamper Falcon 1212 I can send pics on request. Email successfulme08@gmail.com 500.00 plus shipping.
4/2/2018 anybody have a red dongle b for mvp pro I also need the obd1 cable please call mike 404 409 8845
4/1/2018 Item 1 is an HPC safe deposit door and nose puller $125 with free shipping Item 2 is a new HPC Mini Speedex key machine for $225 with free shipping. Contact Bobby 910-618-3141
4/1/2018 ILCO KD50C Key Duplicator, in excellent condition. Brand new, high quality cutting wheel (not the China crap). New, these sell for $2,500. $595.00 + shipping. It weighs around 80 Lbs. from Shreveport, LA. 256-541-3865 (no texting)
3/29/2018 do any one have a miraclone eprom mechine by lock decoders.please contact mike 404-409-8845 i need it asap
3/28/2018 Looking to buy 2 MVP pros. I?m in Texas . Call me at 817-586-9634
3/28/2018 PC+ Flash Edge Computerized Edge Cut Key Machine for sale email elfertbryan@gmail.com
3/28/2018 I?m looking for a used D-Max programmer. Only need it for Type2 skim-reading so if its out of date, no big deal. So long as it works, its affordable and you accept PayPal, Im probably game for the deal. Comolockshop@gmail.com
3/26/2018 Im looking for used Framon Machines, herty gerty cutters, pak a punch cutters, safe rigs, new bits and phoenix tools. Im licensed. Comolockshop@gmail.com CSN member also.
3/25/2018 Interested in a ad tcode pro if anyone has one feel free to contact me at ktechlocksmith@gmail.
3/24/2018 i'm searching a nice Jensen Micro-Dial key cutting machine,please contact me at: aferland@globetrotter.net
3/22/2018 Kolbe Edwards 407 369-3866
3/21/2018 Looking for a Silca RW4 Plus with M Box and Snoop for Mega 48. gcae@sbcglobal.net
3/19/2018 3/19/2018 I have a brand new HPC punch machine for sale with cards and carrying case for $650. I also have an itl 950 machine that is 15 years old and has only cut about 20 keys for $500. Still in original box. Thanks Kevin 646 772 4120
3/19/2018 I have a brand new HPC punch machine for sale with cards and carrying case for $650. I also have an itl 950 machine that is 15 years old and has only cut about 20 keys for $500. Still in original box. Thanks for looking.
3/19/2018 Looking to buy a good key machine or a punch machine for a reasonable price. Please email me at. Scottrs1230@gmail.com
3/17/2018 Condor Xhorse 5 months old perfect condition bought for $3000 selling for $2000 plus X100T machine . Text (623)866-3529 for more info . Shpping not included. The machine is in Los Angeles
3/16/2018 Gator face cap removal $50 Pick up or Mail... Houston-Texas 832-834-0606 call or text
3/15/2018 Sec 9 new generation (tablet ) with automotive clamp and single sided clamp (worth alone $200) for $1900 shpping not included. Got it 3 months ago thru American key supply call 623-866-3529 or email carkeylox@gmail.com
3/12/2018 Looking for Sidewinder key cutting service so I can provide these keys for my customers. Please contact me to work out an ongoing arrangement. armorcitydoors@gmail.com or text 303-570-9076
3/12/2018 EZ CLONE (not a plus) for sale. Works great I use don't need it anymore.$550 plus shipping. I can send pictures if u email me. Email: cferraro44@comcast.net,
3/11/2018 Selling my HPC puncher. Don't need it anymore because I bought the Blitz. In very good condition. Cuts well. $1200 + shipping. Pictures are available. Text/ call Ross @ 419-215-1906 if interested.
3/11/2018 Im looking for a Steel-King and a Keyway-King Milling machine. Comolockshop@gmail.com
3/10/2018 BMW multi-tool key programmer with CAS adapter and all original components as was received originally. Asking $700 OBO for all. Email shawn at accesspluslocknkey@gmail.com for offers and info.
3/8/2018 4 sale NEW Yale sfic Lever Locks. AU5418LN 626, class room intruder. Also AU5405LN 626,store room. Your choice $75 ea. Can mix + match. + shipping, more you buy the cheaper the shipping is. Call 440-317-3837 or email lock_supplier@aol.com
3/8/2018 4 sale NEW Arrow GL82 IC grd 1 Storeroom Lever locks 26D. Wholesale price is $97 each. I am selling these for $49 each plus shipping. The more you buy, the cheaper the shipping fee. You call 440-317-3837 or email lock_supllier@aol.com
3/7/2018 Original 1200 CM key machine. 30 years old and very accurate.. I am retired. Comes with a wide and a narrow cutter wheel and wrenches to change them, plus about 50 cards.. $500 john 989-288-4539. Owosso,Michigan.
3/7/2018 Original 1200 CM key machine. 30 years old and still makes a key plus or minus one thousandth of an inch. I am retired. Comes with a wide and a narrow cutter wheel and wrenches to change them, plus about 50 cards.john 989-288-4539. Michigan
3/5/2018 US900 $1000 firm with chips seller info 614-203-8775 ask for Chad or email tier1lock@gmail.com
3/5/2018 US900 CLONER FOR SALE $1000 FIRM Stand-alone unit Will clone fixed code (T2, T5, Tex 4C) Will clone Texas Instruments encrypted code (4D)Will clone Philips 46 encrypted code Will clone Toyota G Can write custom values to fixed-code chip
3/5/2018 Sold my locksmith company and looking to sell tools and supplies. Assorted locksmith tools, Rekeying tools, pick set. Contact me for a complete list of supplies. Robert Repass 808-634-3650 or robertrepass@yahoo.com
3/2/2018 Curtis 15 Clipper with Wide head+Adapter for smaller cams AM1,CAP1,2 DC3,KK3X,OCB1,SQ1A,XRL1,15N2,15N3,15W1,DC3A+B,KK1A,Cams+Carriages.+Ford2 Carriage.Mod.14 No parts.$350.00,Cost of shipping. Phone 2075473675 richart_brown@yahoo.com
3/2/2018 Curtis 15 Clipper with Wide head+Adapter for smaller cams AM1,CAP1,2 DC3,KK3X,OCB1,SQ1A,XRL1,15N2,15N3,15W1,DC3A+B,KK1A,Cams+Carriages.+Ford2 Carriage.Mod.14 No parts.$350.00,Cost of shipping. Phone 2075473675 richart_brown@yahoo.com
3/2/2018 I have TL 950 key code machine For sale Call me 6465339194 price $1500
3/1/2018 Selling over $45,000 worth of locksmith equipment! Looking for a licensed locksmith to make an offer on the entire lot. Please contact us by email to request a copy of the inventory spreadsheet. Contact customerservice@triadsecurity.com
3/1/2018 WTB: Zed Full, email or text if you'd like to sell a ZF. brandon.metal@gmail.com
2/27/2018 Correction to post below I have 3D Xtreme, that I bought from customer selling for 3,400.00 I have built 1,000 of these machines, I will answer any question you have Hunter Salazar Laser key products 3d xtreme S is $3973.00
2/27/2018 3D Xtrene S machine will be available for sale next week. Customers partner passed away so I bought it off him, will be factory certified refurbished. Selling price for 3D Xtreme S is $3,979 let me know if you have any ??s 832-814-9333
2/23/2018 Looking for a key box, made by American key box. The 250 model preferred. Call or text me 971-930-7719
2/21/2018 Looking for a Silca Club Machine or Silca KD56CE in good condtion. Please email lntelligentlocksmith@gmail.com
2/21/2018 AD T-Code Pro Fully Loaded 7yrs. In service. New touch screen, Smart Dongle, hard Case with all color dongles, Calculator with 2 cards. All cables are included with the package. Asking 8K over 14K invested. wolfcreeklocksmith@hotmail.com
2/21/2018 Selling BorkeyRexaKey Duplicator,HPC Originator,Pin/re-keying kits,Schlage,Corbin,Sargeant,sm.&lge.dyes,and more.Call702-492-3534 or dessaellen@aol.com
2/20/2018 Any selling a kink decoder key set for Ford 8 cut cal me 240 550-2790
2/20/2018 Looking to buy a used pak a punch cutter. I already have the accessories- just need the cutter. email gew0004@yahoo.com
2/20/2018 Silca S Matrix for sale. Will include H/S space & depth keys for Honda, Toyota long & short, and any other that I have. Missing nut on pull down handle. Works fine with new cutter. Buyer pays shipping.$700 lockman126@gmail.com
2/18/2018 $850 Hpc Blitz machine with key cutters code,motorcycle blank keys,many cars keys blanks and with transponder,Schlage/A1 car cylinder tools,rings,tags,lock service key for gm .Everything for $1,500 832-834-0606 call/text gotinkx92@gmail.com
2/17/2018 3D Pro Extreme w/tablet and acc's. about 14 months old. $3300. Partner passed and i don't have a need for 2, 770 500-2245 email onlei1son@yahoo.com. Bank transfer is preferred and i can arrange shipment if you like. I'm in Atl Ga area.
2/16/2018 Skp900 for sale, needs updated, I figured out how to get free token updated but can't figure out how to update to 5.1. I believe it's on 3.9. Will sell for $225 as we no longer need it. Text Jon at 850-491-1943 or call
2/16/2018 Advanced Diagnostics MVP Pro Smart Dongle for sale. Never used/Brand New, paid $600,will take $475 since we never registered it and bought a Zedfull instead. Text Jon at 850-491-1943 or call...
2/16/2018 Looking to sell the following:Borkey Rexa Key Duplicater, HPCKey orginiator with all the key cards AthruZ, misc. new & used pin kits, i.e.Sargeant, Corbin, Schlage, LAB.005, lge. & small dye sets & more! Call w/offer/?'s.
2/16/2018 Selling all tools. Hpc blitz machine with key cutters code,motorcycle blank keys,many cars keys blanks and with transponder,Schlage/kuikset blanks,A1 car cylinder tools,rings,tags,lock service key for gm call/text 832-834-0606
2/16/2018 Looking for a new unused DORMA F9400B 630 36? Vertical Rod Device for a fire rated door. Email me if you have something new with all the factory components. Also need Dorma YR09 630 Trim regardless of whether you have the Exit Device.
2/13/2018 I have a like new HPC Blitz. The machine is in great condition and less than a year old cut maybe 40 keys sells for $1600.00 plus extras 1250.00 1-337-581-2398
2/13/2018 $3000.00 locksmith tools! Will sell for $1000.00. Like new! Thanks. galefbrown@gmail.com
2/12/2018 do anyone have a miraclone for sale if so please contact mike 404 409 8845 call or text looking for something that will read and write epprom
2/12/2018 Looking for Best LT10 key punch. Scott@traffic-jam.com
2/12/2018 Original Schlage Lever Cylinders(for ND lever locks) 626 finish w/ 2 keyblanks each "C" Keyway 6 pin(stamped DO NOT DUPLICATE). I have 80 pcs. $5.50 each! $440 for all and I'll ship FREE!! Bonge44@aim.com
2/12/2018 Folger Adams Electric Stikes- 712-75 24D 630 24VDC. New!! $150!! I also have Adams Rite electic stikes. Different model #'s. Please inquire! Bonge44@aim.com
2/12/2018 Corbin Russwin original keyblanks. I have large amounts of 59A1 & L4 keyways. Will ship FREE!! Bonge44@aim.com
2/11/2018 Hinge Doctor The Hulk HA2 for residential doors. Like New $40. 303-570-9076 armorcitydoors@gmail.com. https://admin.americankeysupply.com/images/GKL-HA2.jpg
2/11/2018 Looking to buy MBE MB Key Prog 2 EVO, MBE Prog (SMOK). MBE EIS/ESL Testing Tool, Magic Eraser Set, or MAXI BGA 204/207. EVO BGA 204/207. gcae@sbcglobal.net
2/8/2018 do anybody have a smart dongle for sale i also nee the red dongle for Nissan and the vag cable,basically any attachments to the mvp pro please contact me 404 409 8845 or email...thankyou
2/7/2018 I have a like new HPC Blitz. The machine is in great condition and comes with every single code card available, 4 cutting wheels and $200 worth of accessories from HL Flake. call or text for more info. must sell asap. 614-735-7421. Mor
2/5/2018 Selling a HPC Punch machine with all the cards. in good condition with all the blades, want $1000 for it (not including shipping). For more info message me at (913)-284-4166.
2/2/2018 MVPP with all original dongles, new main cable, brand new smart card with two new cards and update cable. 12 tokens 1400.00. Chris 865-748-1171.
1/29/2018 NEW FRAMON MD-1 KEY DUPLICATOR BRAND NEW I also Have 300 auto blanks all makes and models . $800 for all. email me for pics 760@email.com
1/29/2018 Brand new Framon md-1 key duplicator. The Cover is black not red like a stock pic would show. I also have auto key blanks for different makes. Email me if you are interested I'm buying and I fill send you pics Must Sell email 760@email.com
1/28/2018 Looking to trade MVP for smartbox 2nd gen,if interested e-mail Chris at advancedsecuritylocksmiths@hotmail.com.
1/28/2018 Kana simplex model#5021x still in box not a scratch on it $100 please call 508-405-7020
1/28/2018 Brand Kaaba model# 5021x leverset with key override not a scratch on it still in box
1/28/2018 Schalge Primus lever set office function zero bidded with two keys $100. also mortise cylinder. And Primus IC core control inop leather set in mortise cylinder comes with three key zero bitted also pinned zero bitted. 508-405-7020
1/28/2018 Security Model A 10 alarm box never touched. brand new $100 please call me 508-405-7020 Jesse
1/28/2018 Security track Model A 10 alarm box never touch brand new $100 please call me 508-405-7020 Jesse
1/26/2018 Have 3 key machines, 50 pinning kits,all types of cylinder,residential & commercial locks. 1000 egnition switches,transponder keys,code books,locksmith tools 40 years accumulation.call 334-249-5007
1/25/2018 looking for older Medeco cylinder fto figure out keyways Text or call 4168288687
1/25/2018 High security laser(sidewinder) style keys cutter.Key machine is in excellent condition. Only cut 8 keys on it. Comes w/T44 Tracer point 2mm tip.Mercedes clamping set VW Audi Porsche BMW and Ford/Tover 2 track photos photosbymorgan2@att.net
1/25/2018 Selling an RW4+ with snoop. come with a nice hard padded case. one GTH head and lots of blades and blanks. Asking $1000. chadronlock@live.com
1/25/2018 FOR SALE CHEAP: (6) Russwin Cyl. Locksets, 3440 Austin, US32D, 2 3/4 BS. (1) Simplex/Unican Mechanical Pushbutton Lock. Text Richard @ 214-507-5181
1/25/2018 Looking to buy RYTAN Dual Punch Schlage and Kwikset machine. Please text 303-570-9076 or email me at armorcitydoors@gmail.com
1/24/2018 DINO Navigator 3 in 1 LED Scope & AeroLock VATS Interrogator. Both are NEW! Never used. Perfect condition. Scope has multiple tips with carrying case. Combined retail for $270. I'll take $175. 24hourbirminghamlocksmith@gmail.com
1/24/2018 SUPER KCM AUTOMATIC KEY MACHINE. This machine cuts both standard and high security automotive keys. Comes with 1 cutter and 1 probe and everything from factory. Good Condition. $800+shipping. 24hourbirminghamlocksmith@gmail.com
1/23/2018 ISO plastic safe lock mounts with or without safe lock. Also seeking cutaway safe locks any make or model. Contact Mel @ allsecuritylocksmithllc@gmail.com
1/18/2018 looking to buy a used key machine automatic for my use for cutting keys for my apartments. reach me at gac222@comcast.net. want to spend no more than 500.00 .
1/17/2018 In need of a mvp pro key programmer asap please contact asap please 5179995625
1/16/2018 Looking for HPC Blitz or Switch Blitz. Msg me at (913)-742-3531
1/14/2018 Am selling locksmith business which includes all aspects of business. Residential locks / automotive egnition switches / padlocls / 3 key machines. CML had 40 year business. A garage plus bedroom full. two cabins full. Call 850-319-1389
1/13/2018 Looking for tubular cutting machine in decent shape. I need one now and then. thomask513@frontier.com
1/13/2018 I'm selling a Logikey Penloader Red for $1050 shipped. Only used about 10 times. Email locksmith916@gmail.com Will consider offers.
1/10/2018 PRO XL Locksmith tools for sale for Key Cutting -$2500 each. we have two machines in good condition selling for $2500 each. Actual cost of the machine is $6500 approx. Please call 9175027281. email newyorklocksmith4u@gmail.com for photos
1/9/2018 Selling a used Ilco KD56 C/E High Security Key Duplicator. Comes with bits and adaptors. $750 + shipping. Call or text Ryan at 925-726-1317 with questions or to see a picture.
1/9/2018 T Code Pro updated to around 2017 with smart dongle - ITL 950 C Key Machine Carbide cutter still in box - Bianchi Laser 944 I have around 1500 in transponder blanks and Fobs , 12000 for all, Email Barownerx2@twc.c0m
1/6/2018 1 each ASSA E65672 and E65673 Sargent type cylinders. Both are 626 finish and are SNS. $40.00 each plus shipping or will trade for E65611 x 626 Schlage type. thelockman@yahoo.com or (231) 263-4400
1/5/2018 FOR SALE 3D Xtreme S $3500 obo, 1 year old, lightly used, well maintained. Also available 6000 Watt inverter and $500 of keys (chip, prox, & metal). Call or text Drew @ 480-378-7802 Phoenix, AZ
1/2/2018 Master Padlocks, American Padlocks, Sesamee Padlocks, Brand New in original boxes. Try me if looking for specific number. Bonge44@aim.com
1/1/2018 Hello up for sale is like new Rytan 100 12 VOLT needs absolutely nothing but skilled opererator and power $500 email or text for pics 850 830 8017 Singleflmustang7@aol.com
12/31/2017 Telephone Entry System by Select Engineered. Model TEC1. For up to 50 users. Great for garage entry, gated community, condos., apartments, or any locked entry. NEW and never used. Well below dist. cost. Text at 301 788 5716 or call.
12/30/2017 Brand New, never used Diagspeed for sale. I bought it and haven't had a call for the programmer. Programs Mercedes Benz keys. Best all around tool. $5700 shipped. Comolockshop@gmail.com
12/30/2017 ilco Manual 025 works great, calibrated $125 + shipping text / call 303-570-9076 or email armorcitydoors@gmail.com
12/30/2017 STOCK LOCKS $2 ea + shipping CAM LOCKS C8060-KD-14A (3), C8060-C415A-4G (2), DRAWER LOCKS C8705-C415A-14A, C8705-C413A-14A, C8703-KD-14A (6), LOCKING HANDLE C8759-KD-26D TEXT/CALL 303-570-9076 armorcitydoors@gmail.com
12/30/2017 Stock Locks C1770-1454 Sliding Door Lock & C1770-1454, C8757-2C Latch Plate, CAM LOCKS - C8106-915-26D (2), C8055-C346A-14A (5), C8053-C346A-14A (3), C8053-C346A-4G (2), MFW23168-221, MFW1058-83 (2) armorcitydoors@gmail.com 303-570-9076
12/28/2017 Rw4(not plus)new condition 700$ cash cc w/shipping 800$ text or email for pictures comes with all accessories also have hpc 1200 new conditions with tibbe cutter(never used)Cw14mc,cw47mc(never used),w1011,medeco cutter never used 1400$
12/26/2017 $100.00 each/free shipping! Corbin Russwin CL3357 Storeroom FSIC prep grade 1 Heavy duty lever set w/L4 FSIC Core 26D included & 2 Factory original 0 Bitted L4 Keys and 2 3/4? heavy duty dead latch. Brand new in box. HMU @ 1-720-272-6266.
12/21/2017 ask for Kevin 518 212 2126 lock picking equipment
12/21/2017 6 pce bogota titanium pick set, 10 lock kill keys, 11 pce tumbler key jigglers, 10 lock zappers, 3 credit card lock pick sets, als mini flats 3 pce, sparrows comb .45 picks, warded n wafer picks, sparrows motel keys, 20 padlock shims. $125.
12/20/2017 Looking for ezflasher mlock.pr@gmail.com
12/20/2017 HPC 1200 key machine with code cards and binder. Comes with cw1011, cw14 & cw 20. The machine cuts accurately just hasn't been used in a few years. The machine is about 20 years old. lepitts@comcast.net
12/19/2017 ilco Ez code 2 (ii) - in great shape! In great working order and not used since professionally serviced and calibrated. Comes with all tools manuals and guides located in Florida but can ship to you - $3000 Roy morid_be@yahoo.com
12/16/2017 I'm looking for a strongarm mini rig. Comolockshop@gmail.com
12/16/2017 HPC Blitz 1200 Key Machine. With wide assortment of cards. Multiple jaws. Set up for Medeco presently. Priced to move quick! 800.00. dayhoffed@gmail.com
12/16/2017 Looking to purchase Medeco Biaxial/Keymark press style key machine. please contact felixmichael@westmesalock.com
12/15/2017 i need a dmax pin code reader contact mike metrolockandkeylocksmith@gmail.com or 404 409 8845
12/14/2017 For Sale: MVP Pro with all the dongles and cables, Smart Dongle, Hard Case and 250 tokens. Everything in excellent working condition. Only used a dozen times or so. $5,500.00 (USD) plus actual shipping cost. todd@metrolockout.com
12/14/2017 Advanced Diagnostics MVP Pro Key Programmer - $2400 OBO + shipping cost Lightly Used, Set of Dongels, Neoprene Cover, Power Adapter, Ownership Transfer, AD103 Calculator, Owners Manual. Call/Text 303-570-9076 email armorcitydoors@gmail.com
12/14/2017 Rytan RY200 Key Duplicating Machine w/Accessories. Key machine with owner's manual, key blanks,and more. Too much to list, e-mail me at cehelm3@gmail.com for pictures and with any questions. Asking $1299 for all.
12/14/2017 Framon FRA-2 12V code cutting machine with manual. $500 plus actual shipping cost to you. See https://www.framon.com/index.php/project/framon-12/ Call / Text 303-570-9076 or email armorcitydoors@gmail.com
12/14/2017 L.T.B. Best style 7 pin "G keyway cores. new or used finish doesn't matter as long as they are in good condition. Thanks for looking!! You can call 440.317.3837 or email us at lock_supplier@aol.com
12/12/2017 We are getting too busy for automotive work looking to get rid of all automotive tools including Tcode pro updated to around 14 or 15 cloner hi Security machine And many many key blanks contact securekb@yahoo.com
12/11/2017 3D Pro Xtreme S w/ tablet. Purchased a year and a half ago. Changing careers so I don't have a need for it anymore. $3800 obo. I have brand new chip keys and a SKP 900 still in the box for sale too. hardeelockandkey@gmail.com
12/10/2017 Does anyone have a code machine (preferably hpc) and/or a duplicator (preferably rytan) that they would be willing to sell to an upstart locksmith company?? Please get in contact with me......jeffrey.p@runbox.com
12/10/2017 FOR SALE 3D Pro Xtreme $4500 obo, 1 year old, lke new, including 6000 Watt inverter and $500 of keys (chip, prox, & metal). Call or text 480-378-7802 Phoenix, AZ
12/9/2017 Looking for parts for restaure my Ilco Minute key machine (after 1963 last generation) like :little motor pulley with double grooves, key guide for slotting cutter.055,wrench for remove little ward cutter,mail: aferland@globetrotter.net
12/8/2017 I have 2 Original Medeco key cutting machines. Both are set up for cutting the Sky key. Both are in good operating condition and are cosmetically sound. $500 OBO each. No reasonable offer refused. Call 313-535-2200
12/7/2017 Looking for key machine that cuts steel keys. Safety deposit keys and also master padlock steel keys. Send me pics of what you have carpkey@gmail.com
12/7/2017 Wanting To Buy American Key box 500 with lid in good condition. Text or Call 305-245-5545 Thanks, Dave
12/6/2017 Getting too busy for automotive anymore looking to get rid of Call automotive tools including Tcode pro hi security key machine and many many many keys and cloner
12/5/2017 Brand new HPC 1200 punch. Comes with 104 cards. Bought 1 month ago and going in a different direction. Comes with warranty. Bought for 1475 after shipping. Selling for 1250 obo. Never been used. swiftlockandkeys@gmail.com
12/5/2017 Hpc 1200 (about 100 keys cut) comes with cw1011,ce14mc,brand new tibbe adapter .dont have cars(I use lockcodes for cards) .total new2400$.asking 1200$ non neg cash 1300$ cc will ship if paid in full with shipping cost text 6312762456 james
12/4/2017 This is an original Chrysler programming tool made by OTC. LIKE NEW! Encased in a shock proof rubber case. Programs Y160 keys for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Plymouth.$250.00 call Chris 901-754-0576
12/4/2017 Framon SD2 Sidewinder Code Machine.Code rods come with 6 corresponding setup keys:Acura,Honda 4 track,Hyundai 4 track,Kia,Lexus long and short,Subaru 4 track,and VW/Audi.Instruction manual and extra drive belt. $1395 call 901-754-0576
12/1/2017 Automotive car remotes and smart keys.I have several different types pre-owned.165 in total all are in really good shape, ready to be flashed or programmed. I can send Pics on request. Nevadalocksmith@gmail.com 2,400 buys all or fair offer.
11/29/2017 HPC Switch Blitz 1233CMSB code milling and duplicating key machine. Gently used. Complete set of code cards and blitz calibration kit. Cutters CW14MC, CW90MC, CW-1011. Email for more info klende@verizon.net
11/29/2017 18 Piece Ultra Combo Car Opening Tool Kit Model #AKUC by Pro-Lok. Kit is New condition.$150.00 email for more info klende@verizon.net
11/29/2017 Used Speedex 9120RM $50 Call Mark 925-864-2040
11/28/2017 Trade: WENXING High Security Sidewinder Key Duplicator - For Framon #2 Suitable for Mul-T and High Security Auto such as Honda, Camaro, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, VW and Toyota. Includes: 2.5mm millin, 105 degree pointed cutter and guide.
11/28/2017 Would like to trade a Rytan RY100 duplicator for a 1200pch great shape rarely used with brush kit. david46_52@yahoo.com
11/27/2017 *Silca Ultracode *Silca E-Trax (High Security) Call for prices - Serious inquiries only - CASH ONLY (NO PAYPALS OR CHECKS) - TRADE INS WELCOME Call Jay 561-929-4163 Hablo Espa�ol
11/26/2017 For sale HPC Blitz, slightly used. Have all the code cards plus 4 cutters (14,47,90,1011) and calibration kit. Call or or text for more info and pictures. 614-735-7421. Mor
11/26/2017 For sale: 994 Laser Bianchi,with latest update, new console.All jaws except Tibbi. $5,500 3D Pro Extreme. $4,200 718-373-7777 roman368@yahoo.com
11/25/2017 looking for a good price for a skp900 or ck200 metrolockandkeylocksmith@gmail.com or 404 409 8845
11/25/2017 looking for a good deal on a mvp pro please call mike or text mike 404 409 8845
11/25/2017 Looking for a Strongarm Mini Rig with templates. Comolockshop@gmail.com
11/24/2017 Best Lock Big Red Key Combinator $800 comolockshop@gmail.com
11/23/2017 Hpc machine in great condition comes with 3 cutters and cards asking $1600 or best offer you can reach me at 832-232-2767
11/18/2017 WTB ITL950c and/or ITL9700 in good condition please text or call 305-394-2646
11/18/2017 LTB a A1 Pak a Punch, set up for commercial keys. NOT interested in the auto version. Please let me know what you have available. email me at lock_supplier@aol.com or call 440-317-3837. Thanks!!
11/17/2017 Mvp pro with everything included almost new in. It has 8 months left of unlimited tokens. Email me 901lockout@gmail.com
11/15/2017 Hpc quicksilver for $2950 save $1000 free shipping incuded pre owned in orginal packing contact 631-960-6024 7lllocksmith@gmail.com
11/13/2017 Curtis #15 Automotive Code Cutter. Comes with 1" & 1 1/2" Head assemblies Cams:FORD-1,2,&3,GM1,AM1,AM2,CHRY-1,CHRY-3,DM1,SQ1,SQ2,HD-9A,SU-1A. Carriages:DC1,FORD1,FORD2,FORD5, AM1,AM2,CHRY1,CHRY2,SQ1,SQ2. AAQSL@AOL.COM
11/13/2017 Need a copy of HPC masterking software. Cferraro44@comcast.net
11/12/2017 I'm selling the xtool x100t for $350 shipped. And I'm selling the Logikey Penloader Red for $1150 shipped. Xtool is like-new. Text 209-421-0573. Payment method Preferred is bank to bank transfer via zelle.
11/11/2017 Laser Key Products 3D Pro key generating machine lightly used with tablet $3750 call or txt 801-472-6404 will include shipping.
11/11/2017 Want to buy: Framon KX-1 code machine email lmalcomb@hotmail.com or call Larry at 812-701-4060.
11/9/2017 Hpc 1200 all cards and cutters that came with still have plus a medeco cutter like new condition calibrated when pick up 631-276-2456 text if interested
11/9/2017 Used Speedex 9120RM Runs but needs a little work $50 Call Mark 925-864-2040
11/9/2017 Key Cutting Machine Wheels: ILCO CU5, ILCO CU1, ILCO 34MC, ILCO 37MC, ILCO 19MC, ILCO 6RF, ILCO 23RF, HPC CW23MC (5 of them) $250 Or Best Offer for all. Call Mark 925-864-2040
11/9/2017 Have a wide variety of hardware 4 sale. knob/levers, deadbolts, padlocks, panic bars,closers, sfic cores, blanks, door hdwe, padlocks, cabinet/ draw locks. cut keys + keying service. Cheaper then wholesale $. Email us lock_supplier@aol.com
11/8/2017 Lab semi pro 2 LDKU3 pin kit NOS still sealed, and unopened. $85.00 Maine. 207-547-3675. richart_brown@yahoo.com
11/7/2017 Selling Framon 2 12V with book and cutter wheels-800.00. Also have Rytan 100 with buffing wheel-450.00. Both are in good condition. Please call Allen at 919-369-3260 or email at awest@alstarzlocksmith.com.
11/6/2017 WTB American Key box 500 with lid in good condition. Top dollar paid text or call 305-394-2646
11/4/2017 2013 T-Code Pro, good for all 2017 models. Many Dongles, including a Smart Dongle. Email cindy29461@gmail.com if interested
11/3/2017 Framon Code #2 Code Machine- Used but in good condition. Comes with original book, depth and space wheels. $500 Or Best Offer Call Mark 925-864-2040
11/2/2017 In desperate need of a 3D Pro Extreme Laser Key cutting machine and a MVP Pro willing to drive the distance if the price is right please feel free to contact me at locksmithveronica17@gmail.com or by phone 5179995625
11/2/2017 For sale HPC Blitz, slightly used. Have all the code cards plus 4 cutters (14,47,90,1011) and calibration kit. Call or or text for more info and pictures. 614-735-7421. Mor
11/1/2017 Locksmith buying all things medeco needs padlocks with keys ? email me sterry2020@icloud.com or text 719-644-1003 wholesale only !