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2/2/15 Looking for auto wafer kits, cheap. Contact Mark at:
2/2/15 Curtis #15 clipper with case, with some cams and carriages for late model automotive. $350.00 plus shipping
2/5/15 Looking for a Framon #2 Code Machine to purchase or will trade a HPC Trace-A-Key automatic machine for it.
2/10/15 I have an older Pro Lok BP201 for schlage and an Older BP201 Falcon (A2 IC Core) Punch. Then I have a newer style Pro Lok BP201 for Schlage. I also have Original Best Key Combinators for A2 & A4 systems. Call Jareth @ 5736731597
2/11/15 I have a Bianchi 303 laser duplicating machine. I am asking $1400 for the machine. I paid $1800 originally and used it maybe 5 times. I will also include the attachments I purchased separately for roughly $400.
2/12/15 im selling my HPC punch machine 4 months old excellent condition all the cards 3 cutters 2 years warranty from or email for pic $1200
2/12/15 FOR SALE!!!! HPC 1200 punch machine 104 card 3cutters 2 years warranty from HPC. 3 months old excellent condition.9788317523 for more info or pic
2/14/15 Transponder key blanks 19 different types. GM VATS key blanks single sided 28 different GM VATS key blanks double sided 28 different. ACE tubler pick HPC. ACE drill bit. 300.00 for all call 505-415-8982 Andrew or text! Free shipping
2/16/15 im selling my HPC punch machine 4 months old excellent condition all the cards 3 cutters 2 years warranty from or email for pic $1200
2/16/15 HPC 9120 KEY DUPLICATING MACHINE - 12 VOLTS DC. Asking $175.00 Works perfect, nothing wrong with it. Contact me at:
2/16/15 TAYLOR MODEL KD30 STANDARD TUBULAR ACE KEY DUPLICATING MACHINE. with 1 ACE PIN KIT & 1 ACE REKEYING KIT. Nothing is wrong with this machine, works perfect. ASKING $99.00 (price is reduced) Contact Gene at
2/19/15 Lightly used 12volt HPC BLITZ CMBDC. No deburring wheel or tip stops or cards. Comes with three cutting wheels. $650 + shipping. Also I have a 12volt mini Speedex in great condition $250 + shipping. 573-256-9921
2/19/15 50 to 60% off all locksmith equipment and inventory. Example IC pack a punch, tubular pick guard, ultimate micrometer,k 10,000 keys blanks (not auth) Plug Holders, Double D punch set, schlage Everest 29 cylinders, file cabine locks, 305-554-0532
2/21/15 FOR SALE!!!! HPC 1200 punch machine 150 card 3cutters 2 years warranty from HPC. 3 months old excellent condition.9788317523 for more info or pic
2/21/15 LogiKey Red Pen Loader: Brand new, bought it right before we got a different device that does more. Also has Toy/Lex Quick Reset tool. It's never been used. Email for any questions that you have. $1100 or Best offer.
2/21/15 I'm selling my Bianchi 994 Laser with four jaws A-B-C-D and 10 additional cutters. This machine is only 1 year old, it's like new condition, I haven't use it much. I'm in NJ, Security Locksmith,
2/21/15 Wanted Blitz 1200 code cutting machine, with cards, can need minor repairs, must have cards, must be under $500.00 Contact
2/21/15 Olypmus safe scope with dual light source in case this is a true image scope perfect condition. Best scope you'll ever use. $1950.00
2/21/15 For sale: Used ILCO Silca Matrix S high security key duplicator (Used price: $1850) It works great, has some scratches here and there. I also have some space and depth keys for bmw, gm, toyota, honda
2/21/15 HPC Blitz code machine (used price: $1900). includes the 3 blades that it came with. its in fair condition.
2/21/15 Used EZ-Flasher (used price: $800). In great condition! Comes with manual and both cables and plastic storage box that it came in.
2/21/15 Used MVP Pro (use. Comes with dongles, cables, calculator and advanced diagnostics carrying bag.
2/21/15 Space and Depth Keys BMW, chevy camaro, GM 10-cut 2 track, Honda 4-track Hyundai 2-track, Hyundai HY-18R, Hyundai 4-track, Lexus/Toyota 80K ,Lexus/kia/mazda Long, Lexus (short), Subaru 4-track, Build-a-key HU101 focus
2/21/15 Used Westward Portable Power Source, Crank 800/600Amps, 12/24Volts (Used Price: $350)
2/21/15 Selling a barely used HPC Big Groove High Security Duplicator comes with all manuals original box and 2 cutters Machine was used 10 times asking 975 plus shipping you can reach me at 8089431425 or email me at
2/25/15 Wanted Ilco/Silva Bravo 2 Duplicator! Good condition please. Will pay top dollar or Trade I have other key machines u may need. text or call 419-490-3600. Email
2/25/15Looking to buy a EZ Flasher IMMO Programmer. email
2/26/15 looking buy an orange Exacta Punch. A complete kit is good but will settle for one set up only for s.f.i.c. If you have one collecting dust, email me at If you can include your asking price and pic, that would be great. Thanks!!
2/26/15 Looking to buy 1200 HPC Blitz, 480-685-6766 or
3/1/15 I have a used Best Lock Big Orange Combinator for A4 interchangeable core systems. Works perfect. $650+shipping. Call me at 5732569921. Please no text messages.
3/1/15 Selling Speedex 9120RM Key Cutting Machine in very good condition with new drive belt. $250 plus shipping. Email for pics.
3/1/15 Looking to buy hpc 1200 blitz or a high code cutting machine at reasonable price text preferences pay by pay pal 352-461-3254
3/2/15 Lost all my equipment in a van fire, starting over from scratch, I need a key duplicator, and a tubular key cutter. 120v units. Please email me if you have anything for sale.....
3/4/15 I have a HPC 1200CMD blitz for sale. 26 cards 1 card for calibration with disk and key. It is a DC voltage machine. Call me Loren 916-396-5443. I will send pictures in email responce. It has 1 bolt missing from the wire brus
3/4/15 Ilco Orion KD56 c/e for sale. It's in very good condition. Will duplicate the sidewinder family of high security keys. Runs on 110v electric. $900 or best offer Steve 847-401-0776
3/5/15 HPC Pocket Cut up, Lightly used $265 shipped. HPC 1200PCH Blitz Punch, lightly used $1200.00 shipped. Ilco 044HD $300 shipped. HPC MINI SPEEDEX $250 Shipped. HPC Mini Speedex 12V $275 shipped. 573-673-1597 CALL PLEASE.
3/9/15 Fully Loaded TKO up to date w/latest software (software 33.03.139, database 39.00) All software loaded except the last 3 sent out (BM0180XXXX, BM0181XXXX, BM0183XXXX) Great machine, like new, no longer used much. $5,500
3/9/15 I am selling a F Jaw Kit Brand New sealed in box never used. This kit fits the Bianchi 994 and allows you to cut edge cut key for automotive. Please call, email or text for pics and questions. Asking $850 cell 419-490-3600
3/9/15 I have a Hpc 1200cbm Blitz for sale 26 cars and calibration stuff. $750 + shipping. I also have a Wenxing 219 key duplicator for sale. Make a offer. Loren
3/9/15 Keyline 994 Laser High security code cutting key machine with four jaws A-B-C & D Jaws,Lexus adapter and 10 additional cutters. I paid $8,500 in January 2014,Still under warranty. Selling for $6,500
3/9/15 brand new h/s cutter for kd56-117 #mk260117.and digital micrometer for foley bellsaw machine new also have a used machine working.have used disk buster and pro-lok padlock drill jig.A1 gm ign.remove tool used,504-610-0451 can send pics
3/9/15 have 2 curtis machines both automatic and can use 1 to make a real good one or both will work.foley bellsaw 200 machine used w/new belt and cutters and guides.used kwik set door kit everything is in case.504-610-0451 will send herc mirror
3/9/15 old keymaster yale machine no motor or mount has deburring brush and grinding wheel #m1012c serial #2705 call for pic504-610-0451
3/12/15 I have a used original Stanley Security Solutions Best Lock Key Combinator. This is an AD433 and it works perfectly. Asking $1000.00 obo. It's for A2 systems which is the most common system encountered. Calls only please 573-256-9921
3/12/15 I'm looking to buy a Peterson Pro 1 tubular lock pick. If you have one, feel free to call me at 573-256-9921.
3/13/15 Complete locksmith tools and supply, 6 cutting machines, new boxed locks, key blanks, (1)12 volt cutter, everything must go. locksmith passed, must pick up.
3/15/15 Looking for adrian steel 2 drawer .12" high.need 3.
3/15/15 I have silca SBB for sale. asking 150$
3/15/15 I am selling schlage LAB rekey set. i want 50$ for it.
3/16/15 FOR SALE: T-CODE PRO in excellent condition comes with case , 8 dongols,cables, and has 19 software's included. Will consider any reasonable offer.Well kept, like new condition.
3/16/15 Im selling my 2 Curtis key cutter (with cam and carriage ) great condition. CNMLOCKSMITH@YAHOO.COM
3/17/15 ISO Mike Hyde books and Autosmart books.
3/17/15 Nice condition HPC 1200CMB Blitz with cards anda few wheels $1000 plus shipping. Nice used newer SCHLAGE BP201 Pro Lok blue punch $650 shipped. Call 573-256-9921 Also have a few Speedex machines and code cutters.
3/19/15 Hillman 3100 Automatic/Manual Duplicator. Good shape. Sharp cutter. $440 shipped. Weighs a lot so I'm taking a hit offering it at this price. Call please 573-256-9921
3/19/15 For Sale:(Used) A1 Complete Service Kit for GM Double Sided, In-dash, and column mount. Asking price: $100 Email for pics Call/text: 832-788-5981 (Mike
3/19/15 For Sale: Used, A1 pickset for Ford 8-cut. Asking price: $45 + shipping. Email for pictures to, call/text: 832-788-5981 (Mike)
3/19/15 For Sale: Used, Blue Rocket Build-A-Key for HU101. Asking Price: $35 +shipping. Pictures available. Email: or call/text: 832-788-5981
3/19/15 For sale: Used, HPC Tibbe adapter (TIBBE-CMB) for the Blitz. Asking price:$120 +shipping. Pictures available. Contact me at:, 832-788-5981 (call/text)
3/19/15 Used items for sale: Contact 832-788-5981 VATS Interrogator, Ford Universal/focus ignition removal kit, HPC tubular pick and decoder, Better Resetter, A1 GM 6-cut decoder, LAB pin kit (Semi Pro 3)
3/19/15 Used items for sale, Contact 832-788-5981 pics available. -Key identifiers, Steering wheel removal kit, face cap clincher tool, Determinator Tom's Complete High Security Key Origination Manual,
3/19/15 For Sale: Used space/depth keys. Pics available, Contact: Call 832-788-5981. GM 10-cut 2-trk, Camaro 2-trk, Subaru 4-trk, HYN 4-trk, HYN 2-trk, Lexus 80K, 4-trk long and short, Audi/VW 2-trk, Honda 4-trk, HYN 18-R
3/19/15 Used items for sale. Contact for pics call/text 832-788-5981. Determinator Tools: NIS 10-Cut Ignition, NIS 8-Cut Ignition, NIS-1,2 , BMW-1, BMW-4Track, GM-1,2,5,8,9, GM-Ign B110, GM Wave keys, MAZ-1, MAZ-2, CHR-1, CHR-2
3/19/15 For sale. Cont: 832-788-5981. Pics available. Determinators: CHR Ign Silver non-sidebar; TOY TR-40IGN; TOY-1,2,3;TOY IGN 10-cut; TOY IGN TR-47 split tumbler, SAT-1; VW-1; MER-1; HYU-1,2,3,4,5,6; HYU-IGN12,HYU-IGN14, DAE1
3/19/15 For sale. or 832-788-5981. Pics avail. Determinators: FOR-1,2,5; FOR-IGN 8-cut; MIT-1; JAP-1,2; HON-IGN 6 black; HON-1,2; HON-IGN 6-silver; KIA-1
3/19/15 Used items for sale: Contact call/text 832-788-5981. Silca Matrix S, pics available. asking price $1700. HPC Blitz asking price:$1,500. Both come with manuals.
3/19/15 For sale: MVP Pro will all accessories included. There are no tokens left on it. Asking price: $2000 +shipping. Contact call/text 832-788-5981
3/20/15 Forsale. ITL 950c. Slightly used , had for 2 years. $2900.00
3/20/15 Want to buy a hpc punch or hpc blitz Can't pay more then $900 you can contact me at 913-215-1479 ask for Ronny
3/20/15 SFIC A2 Blue Punch for SALE. This is the dark blue version made by KeyMak (pre ProLok). Cuts accurately. $595 including U.S.P.S. and insurance. Can email/text you pics. Email me at or call 216-459-0806. Take paypal or co. check
3/22/15 Manual Key machine made by ESP, the key blank manufacturer. works good Call for details. 208-733-9444
3/22/15 Cut High security keys by code.The clue system uses your HPC 1200 Or equivalent and a manual high security machine to cut by code almost all high security car keys. . $250.00 Call 208-733-9444
3/23/15 For sale, assortment of automotive key blanks inc. transponder blanks & regular steel blanks (1000) for import/domestic as well as a excellent barely used Framon#2 code machine w/ Genericode and a T300 Key programmer brand new 443-624-9040
3/24/15 Looking to buy a Silca TRICODE-VIPER, Silca Triax Quattro key machine.
3/24/15 A1 Pak A Punch for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Schlage, and Kwikset. Over $1,200 new, barely used. Case included. $400.
3/24/15 Ilco Model 025 Key Cutting Machine with extra new cutting wheel. Looking to sell to Best Offer or trade for a mini Speedex or Belsaw. If interested let me know for pictures email me at
3/25/15 I'm Looking for a Tubular key cutting machine by code. Thanks
3/25/15 Available for sale over 10,000 key blanks Ilco numbering system, for commercial and residential. No automotive. 10 cents each when sold all together. You pay postage. Call Don 305-554-0532 if you want a list.
3/25/15 HPC 1200cmb Blitz with cards and three cutting wheels. No tip stops or wheel wrenches. Calibrared and in perfect running shape $1000 plus shipping. Best Lock AD433-2 Combinator in great shape $950 plus shipping. Call 5732569921
3/26/13 Complete locksmith all supply and tools moble and shop WILL NOT SELL IN PARTS MUST BUY ALL 6 machines new and used supply mostly new over 15000.00 value all $4000.00 locksmith died.
3/26/13 Best Lock big red combinator $750 shipped OBO 573-256-9921
3/26/13 Brand new, in box, Ilco 008A-110V mini-mite key duplicator. Bought it, and it's not what I needed. Never used, can ship, 325.00$. Please text or email me. 502-275-6182